Powexec location (Slash Command)

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A client-side slash command to allow use of location targeted powers without having to click.

Can be used in a macro or bind.

Usage: /powexec_location loc power

loc is a location specifier. There's several different things you can use here:

me or self - Both target the power on yourself.
target - Your currently selected target. If you have no target, the power is not activated.
direction:distance - direction can either be one of six cardinal directions relative to the player: forward, back, left, right, up, down, -or- it can be a number. If it's a number, it is taken as an angle in degrees. 0 is straight in front of you, 90 is right, etc. It can also be camera, to indicate the direction the camera is facing, including elevation. distance is either a number in world units (feet), or the keyword max, which means to use the maximum range of the power.

power is the name of the power, just like what you'd use with /powexec_name. You can put quotes around the name to make it look cleaner if you want, but they are optional.

Useful examples:

/powexec_location me Fire Imps (Casts fire imps at your feet)

/powexec_location target Tar Patch (Casts Tar patch centered on your current target)

/powexec_location camera:max Teleport (Casts teleport where you are looking, max range)

/powexec_location target Burst of Speed (Casts Burst of Speed at your target)

/powexec_location 0:10 Caltrops (Casts Caltrops 10 feet in front of you)