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When I fought her, she was an elite boss. I'm not sure if she is an Archvillain with a larger team though. She also used the following attacks on me during the battle.

  • Glacier

hold -speed -recharge You are frozen in a Glacier. Once free, your attack rate and running speed will be reduced slightly for a while.

  • Bitter Ice Blast

-recharge, -speed, -accuracy Your accuracy, attack rate and running speed are reduced by the Bitter Ice Blast.

  • Snow Storm

-speed -recharge The chill from this Snow Storm has dramatically slowed your attack and movement speed.

  • Ice Storm

Cold/Lethal All foes that pass through this storm will be shredded with shards of falling ice.

  • Blizzard

-speed -recharge The Blizzard has reduced your attack rate and running speed.


Quick note for anyone looking to remake Ice Mistral's page - according to website, Ice Mistral is a dominator (which makes no sense, isn't she a corruptor?). Sera404 01:24, 16 June 2009 (UTC)