Reward Merit Vendor

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Merit Vendor
Merit Vendor Pocket2.jpg
Pocket D Merit Vendor
Zone Multiple Zones
Level Range 1-50
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Merit Vendors are contacts introduced in Issue 13's Merit Rewards system. They give recipes, enhancements, and other items in trade for Reward Merits. Merit Vendors are located in many different zones, and can be selected on the map as waypoints.

Each Merit Vendor has a unique costume unlike factions such as the Freedom Corps that have similar costumes across the faction. However, they still possess the same color scheme, which is maroon and yellow/gold.

There is also a Reward Merit Vendor machine that can be placed in a supergroup base. This is not an NPC, like some of the vendors in open zones. Rather, it resembles a futuristic ATM or vending machine. In the base editor it appears under the Tech Workshop tab; there is no Magic themed equivalent. It offers the same transactions that the NPC versions do.



It's worth noting that anything you can buy from the Vendor, you can also buy with inf. This means that it is usually worth buying something that is in high demand (usually Enhancement Converters or Enhancement Boosters) with Merits and selling it for inf, then buying what you actually require from the Auction House. It also means there is no point in converting inf to Merits.

Astral and Empyrean Merits are valuable for creating Incarnate Components and probably should not normally be converted to Reward Merits.

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