Spider Smasher Badge

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You've taken the fight to Arachnos, taking down Lord Recluse's personal soldiers.
You feel you've adequately proven yourself to Lord Recluse by knocking his goons around.

How to Get

Defeat 200 Arachnos Wolf Spiders.

Where to Find

Hero Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
18-20 Faultline Aftershock
20-21 Faultline Arachnos Dig Site
20-22 Faultline Overflow
23-25 Faultline Overbrook Dam
25-27 Bloody Bay Arachnos Base
29 Warburg Villain Base

Villain Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
4-8 Mercy Island Mercy
6-8 Mercy Island Fort Cerberus
8-9 Port Oakes Marconeville
9 Port Oakes Villa Montrose
9-11 Port Oakes Oil Spill, Fort Hades
11 Cap au Diable Devil's Coat Tails
12-14 Cap au Diable Haven
14-16 Cap au Diable Aeon City
15-17 Cap au Diable New Haven
16-19 Cap au Diable Vagabond Hills
16-20 Cap au Diable Mount Diable
20-22 Sharkhead Isle Port Recluse
24-26 Sharkhead Isle Villa Requin
15, 26-28 Nerva Archipelago Crimson Cove #2
28-29 Nerva Archipelago Crimson Cove #6
29 St. Martial Double Down, Black Mariah, Jackpot


V badge HighPainThreshold.png  High Pain Threshold Badge        
V badge HighPainThreshold.png  Gotten Soft Badge        

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