The Players' Guide to the Cities/User Interface/Badge Window

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Badge Window

You may open the Badge Window by clicking "Collect" in the Nav Window or selecting "Badge" from the Menu Window, and then selecting "Badges" from the Category pop-up menu.

This window shows you all of the badges you currently have and in many cases shows you progress toward other badges.

Badge Window with List

There are several types of badges, each having its own entry on the pop-up menu.

  • Most Recent - The Most Recent list includes the last fifty badges earned. Mousing over a badge reveals the date and time the badge was awarded.
  • Closest to Completion - The Closest to Completion list includes the fifty badges that are closest to completion. Badges are ranked in descending order by percent complete.
Exploration Badge Marker
  • Exploration - Exploration badges are earned simply for finding a location of particular interest. Just traveling through the area will award you with the badge. Locations that award exploration badges are marked with an exploration badge marker.

History Badge Plaque
  • History - History badges are collected by reading plaques throughout Paragon City, the Rogue Isles, and Praetoria. Various plaques are located throughout the game and some relate to one another. By reading all of the plaques related to a particular subject, you can earn a history badge on that subject.

  • Accomplishment - Accomplishment badges are earned for completing certain missions and task forces or strike forces.
  • Achievement - Achievement badges are earned for reaching certain milestones in a character's career, such as taking a large amount of damage or earning a certain number of badges. Some of these badges will have a meter showing you your progress toward obtaining the badge.
  • Accolades - Most of these badges are earned not by themselves, but by collecting badges in one or more other categories that all relate to one another. Once you have all the badges an accolade requires, you will be issued the accolade badge. Some accolade badges also award your character with extra abilities or permanent boosts to your hit points or endurance. Other accolades may be awarded for special events or situations in the "City of" franchise.
Gladiator Badge
  • Gladiator - Gladiator badges are earned by accomplishing specific tasks that unlock creatures for use in arena gladiator matches.

Veteran Badge

With the exception of gladiator badges, clicking on any badge you have obtained will set your character's badge title. This title appears under your name when other players are viewing your name above your character's avatar in the game. You may clear your badge title at any time by clicking on the "Clear Badge Title" button at the bottom of the Badge Window. Badge titles may also be set using the /set_title command.

Super Group Badge

If you are currently associated with a super group, you will also be able to view any badges that have been obtained by your super group. Select "Supergroup Badges" from the Category pop-up menu and choose a category to view. All of the same categories that appear in the personal badges also appear in the super group badges, but supergroups are only able to aquire badges under four categories:

  • Exploration - Super group exploration badges are earned by visiting all of the exploration badge markers in a zone while in super group mode. If you have already collected some of the exploration badges in a zone but weren't in super group mode, you merely have to revisit the markers for those badges while in super group mode.
  • Achievement - Super group achievement badges are rewarded for achieving specific goals, such as defeating a large number of a specific enemy type or taking a large amount of damage. Any work done toward these badges must be done in super group mode in order to count. Some of these badges will have a meter showing you your super group's progress toward obtaining the badge.
  • PVP - Super group PVP badges are earned by defeating other players while in super group mode.
  • Defeats - Super group defeats badges are earned by defeating NPCs while in super group mode.