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One of the Winter Horde welcomes you to open a present.

During Winter Events, Presents appear throughout Paragon City, the Rogue Isles, and Praetoria; courtesy of Gamester.

Presents are interactable objects (Glowies) that spawn in city and pvp zones (excluding Night Ward and Recluse's Victory) throughout the annual Winter Event. When interacted with, the character will either be judged 'Nice' and be rewarded with Candy Cane's, Inspirations, and Temporary Powers; or 'Naughty' and ambushed by Winter Horde, or even the Winter Lord when opened by a large enough team.

Present Opening


Nice results will be rewarded with one of the following:


Winter Lord

Naughty results will be ambushed by a group of Winter Horde leveled to the zone. If opened by a team of five or more members, there is a chance that the ambush will instead be a Winter Lord Giant Monster.


Opening 200 presents earns the Toy Collector Badge.

File:Badge holiday05 presentbig.png Toy Collector

You have amassed a vast collection of holiday gifts!

Defeating 100 of the Winter Horde earns the Cold Warrior Badge.

File:Badge winter event 01.png Cold Warrior
You have defeated 100 of the living snow creatures who plague Paragon City.
You have defeated 100 of the living snow creatures who plagued the Rogue Isles.

Defeating the Winter Lord earns the Frozen Fury Badge and 6 Reward Merits.

File:Badge winter event 02.png Frozen Fury

You helped defeat a manifestation of the Winter Lord, who brought his cold wrath to Paragon City.

Present Locations

NOTE: Not all the spawn sites for the Presents have been documented. If you have the /loc for a spawn site not shown in these images, let us know.

Hero Zone Maps

Villain Zone Maps

Praetorian Zone Maps

Coop/PVP Zone Maps