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Mu Mystic
Zone Dark Astoria
Coordinates (3172, 51, 3392)
Level Range 50
Introduced By Heather Townshend
Introduces Max
Enemy Groups DefeatBPEnd.png Banished Pantheon
DefeatKOVEnd.png Knives of Vengeance
DefeatTsooEnd.png Tsoo
Badges Mission DA Arc Complete.png The Determined Mentor
Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Bound for Glory
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Mu'Vorkan is a hero and villain contact in the The Rose Lamp neighborhood of Dark Astoria at coordinates (3172, 51, 3392). His level range is 50. He is located at the Rose Lamp waypoint, 0.57 miles east of the Grandville entrance.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Max is only reachable now via a cell phone. I suppose he is not brave enough to stay within Dark Astoria.

We'll be in touch, Character.


Mu Mystic

Mu'Vorkan is a powerful Mu Mystic who joined the Arachnos organization some time ago. He has quickly risen through the ranks, thanks to his natural magical abilities and the strong Mu blood that flows through him. However, despite all of that, he is still just a faceless Mu in the army that is Arachnos.

Prior to Introduction

Dark Astoria is a dangerous place, even for one such as yourself, Character. Be on your guard.

Initial Contact


Character. The woman known as Heather Townshend has done what I have hoped. I have hopes that you and I can be civil and work together, despite your status as a hero and my status as, well, Arachnos.

The problem of Dark Astoria is one that concerns Lord Recluse greatly. He has sent Scirocco, Ice Mistral, and myself to deal with it. Scirocco believes that Lord Recluse wishes to somehow utilize the power of Mot to his own end, perhaps due to his link with the power of Tartarus.

However, Recluse is not here personally, so we shall... use our own judgement regarding Mot.


Character. The woman known as Heather Townshend has done what I have hoped. I assume you've had a sordid past with Arachnos. Anyone of your stature most likely has. However, I can assure you that I am here to help, not hinder.

The problem of Dark Astoria is one that concerns Lord Recluse greatly. He has sent Scirocco, Ice Mistral, and myself to deal with it. Scirocco believes that Lord Recluse wishes to somehow utilize the power of Mot to his own end, perhaps due to his link with the power of Tartarus.

However, Recluse is not here personally, so we shall... use our own judgement regarding Mot.


We shall solve this problem of Mot, once and for all.

Too Busy

You have too much to handle, Character. Settle your matters, then return to me.

No More Missions

I shall stay here, Character. I've been requested to continue monitoring the situation in Dark Astoria.


Story Arc

An Act of Mercy


Shard of Ice

This shard of ice is all that remains of Ice Mistral. It fell off of her shoulders after she was willingly devoured by Mot, the monster within Dark Astoria. It was a surprising gesture of...

An Act of Mercy

You discovered that the power in Dark Astoria was out to twist the minds of those within the city, looking to make them feel utterly hopeless before devouring them. Scirocco, with his sordid past, was one of the targets.

After rescuing a man named Max and discovering more about the city, you found out about a monster called the Sentinel, one of the powerful soldiers of Mot. If you could defeat the beast, it would weaken Mot and buy you more time to try to figure out everything in the city. Scirocco, however, had gone missing and approached the beast. He was nearly devoured by Mot, having given up on any hope in the future changing, when his apprentice, Ice Mistral, showed a sudden change of heart and demanded to be absorbed instead.

Scirocco was struck by this act of mercy, realizing that somehow all of his teachings had actually gotten through to Ice Mistral. He agreed to help in the fight against Mot and swore that he would be back, and that when he returned, he would rescue Ice Mistral from wherever she was.

Part One: The Suited Man


I am sure you are aware that Mot seems to be feeding off the deaths of those in this world, particularly those who die in a violent manner.

This fact means that time is against us on this matter. Every minute a person dies, and every minute Mot grows stronger. I believe the beast previously only gained a small portion of power when someone died in a violent manner, but now that it is fully awakened, it can absorb violent deaths wherever they happen.This god of death also seems to have the ability to twist a person's thoughts and destroy their hope. I assume you have seen it just as we have; we lost a small squadron of Arachnos operatives when we first came here because of that.

I believe it's safe to assume that this absorption by Mot gives him more power than a simple death of a person. This leaves us with an intricate problem, Character.

These Knives of Vengeance seem bent on delivering some form of bloody justice to those who they believe have done something wrong. Mot is luring those who have a tie to Dark Astoria or itself to this city, and these Knives seem to believe that those people must be killed and made to pay, which is only empowering Mot faster than we can combat him.

  • What you're saying is we need a way to stop the Knives of Vengeance.

Yes, stopping the Knives of Vengeance should be our main priority. We also need to get more information regarding how to combat Mot and the possible connection these Knives have with it. Our main concern should be how to stop it from altering our minds and absorbing us, as so many have been before.

Scirocco and Ice Mistral departed to raid one of the Tsoo's main safehouses for information; the group has refused to work together with us, and so we must rely on force. I know you are fully aware of this. They have been in Dark Astoria for years fighting the forces of the Banished Pantheon.

I would request that you depart to aid Scirocco and Ice Mistral, as I fear that the Tsoo have become stronger than we could have ever anticipated.

Raid the Tsoo Safehouse

Unnecessary Solicitation

I shall stay behind to relay what we find to the appropriate channels.

Mission Objective(s)


The sound of battle rings through the air. You can hear the sounds of the Banished Pantheon in the halls. They must be trying to destroy any information the Tsoo have!

  • Raid the Tsoo Safehouse
    • One bookcase to look through
    • Rescue Scirocco
    • Rescue Ice Mistral
    • Defeat the Ravager attacking the safehouse

You've discovered how the Tsoo fight against Mot, as well as a possible lead regarding the location of someone who can help fight the Knives of Vengeance.


DefeatBPEnd.png Banished Pantheon
DefeatTsooEnd.png Tsoo

Icon clue generic.png
Dark Astoria and the Mind
You found a book written by Hua Tov entitled, 'Dark Astoria and the Mind'. You read over a few pages to see that it covers the effects that Dark Astoria has on one's sanity. Hua Tov details that the sleeper beneath Astoria tries to twist a person's very memories, making them focus on the negative aspects of every experience instead of the positive. If you have loved ones, Mot will make you forget the good times with them and instead remember the horrible times, for example.

Hua Tov believes that Mot is able to devour those who have lost their hope through this method, though he notes that it's possible Mot may be able to devour people without this method once it has become fully powered. There is a note in the book that the best way to combat this is to carry reminders on your person at all times about your loved ones or happy memories.

At the end of the book, Hua Tov mentions that someone once fought Mot before, a man named David Hazen, back in the 1800's, but details about his fight are scattered and unreliable.

Icon clue generic.png
The God-Killer Sword
You were in the Tsoo safehouse looking for more clues regarding the Knives of Vengeance and Mot but instead found some information on a fabled 'God-Killer Sword'. According to the information the Tsoo have, the sword is incredibly difficult to forge, requiring items from all over the world that may not even exist.

However, when forged, it supposedly can specifically absorb the power of any weakened god-like entity. It seems this may be the Tsoo's way of dealing with Mot, if they could ever find a way to forge it. It would take years, however, to actually forge such a weapon, and such work would have to have begun at least five or six years ago for it to be of any use today.

You defeated the Ravager and saw an image in your mind!

Icon clue generic.png
Flashes of Images
You defeat a monstrous Ravager of Mot in the Tsoo Safehouse and saw several images flash in your mind. You see a man in a suit surrounded by the Knives of Vengeance in some dark tunnels. You then see where the entrance to these tunnels are in Dark Astoria. A harsh voice assaults your mind at the end of the image, the same voice you heard when you were attacked with Sigil...

'Character, I groW

strOnGeR by ThE



the NaTURE oF


You're not too sure what to make of it, but it seems that this man is somehow important in the fight against Dark Astoria. It's a weak lead, but perhaps if you find him, he can illuminate exactly he knows about what's going on.

Save the Suited Man from the Knives of Vengeance

Unnecessary Solicitation

I suppose this is worth a shot, Character. We have little else to go on regarding how to fight Mot and the Knives of Vengeance.

Mission Objective(s)


You're able to find the tunnels you saw after defeating the Ravager. You can hear the cries of civilians in the distance; it seems the Knives have kidnapped other civilians and brought them in here.

  • 4 civilians to rescue (optional)
    • Rescue the Suited Man
    • 3 heads of the Knives of Vengeance to defeat
    • Rescue Max

You've found a lead to use against the Knives of Vengeance and a possible clue as to how to defeat Mot!


DefeatKOVEnd.png Knives of Vengeance

Icon clue generic.png
Rescued All Civilians
You rescued all the civilians from the forces of the Knives of Vengeance.
Icon clue generic.png
The Man named Max
You rescued the suited man, who seemed surprised to see you show up.

'Name's Max, yeah, I was in Astoria trying to see if what I heard was true when I was rounded up by these gals. Horrible stuff, really, they made us watch as they slaughtered a supergroup of heroes. Those guys didn't stand a chance; there was about ten of them, they couldn't have more than forty security levels among 'em all.

Anyway, you're looking to put a stop to the monsters in this, right? I can give you a hand, sure, but I need time to get together all of my data. It's only gonna be against the Knives of Vengeance, though. If you're after Mot, I'd suggest looking for information about a guy named David Hazen.

This guy supposedly fought Mot back in the 1800's. A contact of mine was supposed to drop off documents regarding Hazen at the old Astoria bank. I'm not going anywhere near there, not in this condition, but my contact already made the drop off. Get to that bank and you'll find what you're looking for.'


Character, Scirocco and Ice Mistral told me that you had gone to look into this 'suited man'. We received word that he made it safely to one of the portals out of Astoria; the woman known as Heather Townshend said she saw a rough-looking man escorting the suited man to safety.

I have gone over the information you and Scirocco recovered from the Tsoo. It makes sense to me, the information regarding a person's mind being warped in this place. I... am somewhat concerned regarding Scirocco, if I may be blunt.

Scirocco has a sordid past, as you may or may not be aware. If Mot is looking to gain more power, then Scirocco would be someone who would be a prime target to sway towards hopelessness. Scirocco is, for lack of a better word, showing his weakness in these days. Ice Mistral can detect it, but I am unsure why she has not acted upon it. However, I am a trusted companion of Scirocco, and I will do my best to aid him.

Part Two: Foundations


The man named Max said that someone once fought Mot in the 1800's... that is quite odd. The first that I had heard of someone fighting the darkness in Astoria was in 1953, when the Freedom Phalanx reclaimed Dark Astoria from the first time the darkness overcame it. They all believed that was the first and last time this would happen... but after the darkness came again, no one was able to stop it. I wonder, though... the Circle of Thorns were here in Astoria, even before the darkness first engulfed it. Hrm...

  • Something to think on. Do you know where the bank is?

Mission Acceptance

Yes, the bank. Here is the location. I should warn you, Character, if the Knives of Vengeance attacked Max, it is possible that they also attacked the man who was meeting him here. I'm unsure why they would choose such a place to meet, but that is not our concern at this moment.

I am going to continue monitoring Scirocco. Ice Mistral has contacted me, saying that he has begun to act distant, saying that he has given up trying to teach her his various lessons on how to properly use her powers. I believe the city of Astoria and Mot are beginning to destroy Scirocco's mind, but we will deal with that.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'm still having trouble contacting Scirocco, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


You found the body of the man Max was supposed to meet up with at the door. There was a note on him, indicating the information was placed in a safe within the bank.

  • Find Information on David Hazen
    • Find the information on David Hazen
    • 8 groups of Banished Pantheon to defeat to break free from Mot

You're able to escape from wherever Mot sent you - you had better hurry!


DefeatBPEnd.png Banished Pantheon
DefeatKOVEnd.png Knives of Vengeance

You found some information on David Hazen!

Icon clue generic.png
Dossier on David Hazen
You found within the safe a dossier on David Hazen, though there isn't a large amount of information on the man. The creator of the dossier notes that the investigation onto Hazen is still ongoing, due to the fact that officials in the early days of Astoria did their best to remove most information about the man.

David Hazen supposedly was the first man to discover and fight against the darkness in Astoria, along with a group of friends. It is known that he died within an insane asylum, but kept a journal. He wrote in the journal until the final day of his life, when he was found dead in his cell, the cause of death unknown. The writer of this dossier was able to recover a ripped page of Hazen's journal...

'I see it in my dreams. It called itself the Sentinel. The will of Mot. We first saw it deep beneath Astoria after we went past the seals. It was monstrous and huge. It killed Marvin. We ran away, and it told us that we would never survive. In my dreams, my nightmares, I see the face of the Sentinel, judging me, waiting for me to slip so that it might take my body, my soul, for Mot. Before he died, Marvin said that the Sentinel's shell was powered by the souls of the dead. If we could somehow hurt it, we would also hurt Mot's power. If the fools would just li-'

The journal ends there.

You're flung back to the entrance of the bank by the power of the unknown voice that spoke to you!


Are you alright, Character? I was unable to reach your signature for a while. Some unknown man helped you escape, you say? Hrm... a third player within this place, then. Interesting.

It is too bad that the informant Max spoke of was unable to find more regarding this David Hazen. However, what he did find is somewhat... coincidental, almost to the point of fault.

You see, Character, we have officially lost all contact with Scirocco. He told Ice Mistral that it was over, and that it was time for him to face the Sentinel.

Finale: Moving the Immovable


Ice Mistral had no idea what Scirocco was talking about with this Sentinel nonsense. However, if we go off of what was said in Hazen's journal, then it would appear that this is a major force behind Mot's power.

Character, if we could strike against the Sentinel, it would deal a major blow to Mot's power. Then, if things fall into place, Max will deliver the information on how we can cripple the Knives of Vengeance.

The two combined would be a major victory for us against Mot. Scirocco will be able to lead us right to the Sentinel; Ice Mistral tracked him down to an old cavern system nearby, but she was driven away by a pack of monsters from the Banished Pantheon. All you need to do is get there and take down the Sentinel.

  • What about Scirocco?

Mission Acceptance

Scirocco? Look, Character, Scirocco has made his choice. Yes, I understand, Mot will become slightly more powerful if he takes Scirocco, but we will easily shift that when the Sentinel is defeated.

Scirocco recruited me into Arachnos, Character. The Scirocco that is in that cave now is a far cry from the one that found me. He has become weak-willed from the realization that he is in a place he does not like. If Scirocco were truly a powerful man, he would make the decision to continue to fight his fate, but he is not.

You're free to save him, though, as I certaintly do not have the power to stop you. Just bear in mind that the Sentinel is most likely an extremely powerful foe. If you have any allies who would brave Astoria, now would be the time to call them.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that thing taken care of we talked about earlier.

Mission Objective(s)


Mot's presence is undeniable within these caverns, you can feel something monstrous bearing down upon your very being.

  • Defeat the Sentinel of Mot
    • Descend through the caverns to find the Sentinel of Mot
    • Defeat the Sentinel of Mot
    • Two runes to destroy to remove the Sentinel's invincibility (only if civilians are not saved?)
    • Speak with Scirocco

You've fought back the Sentinel, and Scirocco has sworn himself to the cause of destroying Mot in order to save Ice Mistral.


DefeatBPEnd.png Banished Pantheon
DefeatKOVEnd.png Knives of Vengeance


Scirocco: The Sentinel of Mot. We finally meet

Scirocco: ...

Scirocco: Yes?
Ghost Widow: I have sensed your torment growing since your plans with the Malleus Mundi failed.
Scirocco: What of it?
Ghost Widow: The dead cannot change, Scirocco.
Ghost Widow: But, the living always have a chance.
Scirocco: Why are you telling me this now?
Ghost Widow: You must settle your past, like we all have. Once and for all.
Scirocco: ... The past is settled, my pale light in the darkness.
Scirocco: It is the prison of the present and the future that I cannot escape.
Scirocco: ... I accept
Ice Mistral: NO! Take ME! You want a bad person, you want someone EVIL?!
Ice Mistral: I'm twenty times worse than Scirocco, so if you want someone, then take ME!
The Sentinel: Very well. You will be become part of Mot, Irena Rudenko!
Ice Mistral: Scirocco... you better understand why I'm doing this!
Scirocco: IRENA!!!

Scirocco: No... I will not give in...
Scirocco: Today... I will change...
Scirocco: And I WILL save IRENA!


Scirocco looks badly injured from the fight against the Sentinel. He struggles to his hands and knees, coughing hard.

She... she changed. Irena changed. She gave her life to save my own.

Scirocco looks up to you, punching the ground.

There was nobility in her, Character. She wanted to hide it, but I knew... I knew the monks had chosen her for a reason. They saw the same thing that I did, but she never wanted to see it until...

We have to save Irena, Character. I know that to you, she and I are the enemy. However... Irena has shown me something important, you must understand.

  • What did she show you?

That it is not too late to change, Character. I always felt... a prisoner to the present, to my circumstances. I had given up on Irena ever changing, I believed she, too, was a slave to her wild emotions, despite my best efforts.

But she showed me today that it isn't too late. You have to understand, Character. If I died here, Ice Mistral stood to inherit my position as a patron. She would've gained more power than she ever had. But yet... she chose to save me, instead.

I do not know if it is possible to save her, Character, but I will not give up until I know one way or another.

  • You're too badly hurt to do much right now, Scirocco.

Scirocco smiles tiredly and nods.

It will take some time for me to return to the battlefield, but I shall return. I must take care of several things first, Character, if I am to be of any use.

The power of my mantle has always been limited by... several factors. If I am to ascend and fight Mot, I must release the full power of Scirocco, once and for all.

When you and I meet again, I shall be ready to fight against the evil here with you. I know that I am a vile man, Character, but I ask that when that day comes, you will allow me to finally do what is right.

  • Alright, Scirocco, I'll see you then.


... Well, Scirocco has returned, and he has told me that he intends to stay here until Ice Mistral is recovered. An honorable gesture, to be sure, but Lord Recluse will not care for the fact that Scirocco is going against orders.

However, it is good that you were able to defeat the Sentinel, even if it did warp away, as you describe. This could be a moment of reprieve to strike against the Knives of Artemis. Kalinda, the Fortunata, has put out a detailed report showing that the Knives of Vengeance have just wiped out an entire group of small-time villains within the Rogue Isles. All this will do is power Mot, undoing our... ahem, your hard work.

I shall be going back and forth from Dark Astoria for the moment to report on Scirocco's progress. The man known as Max wishes to speak with you now. He requests that you two talk purely on a communicator, as he would prefer not to get himself embroiled in this whole business with Dark Astoria.

File:Mission DA Arc Complete.png The Determined Mentor

Ice Mistral was absorbed by Mot, but you were able to save Scirocco from the creature known as the Sentinel. Scirocco has pledged to not rest until he rescues Ice Mistral from the maw of Mot.

Personal Story


Mu'Vorkan's Personal Story

Mu'Vorkan was forced to return to Grandville to give a report about what happened in Dark Astoria. In the end, Mu'Vorkan struck a deal with Lord Recluse himself. Mu'Vorkan had a desire to become something greater than he currently was, namely a patron of Arachnos. Lord Recluse proposed to Mu'Vorkan that if he could somehow kill Scirocco, Ice Mistral, and Mu'Drakhan, and also find someone who would be his second in command, that Mu'Vorkan would earn his place as a patron. However, Recluse mentioned that many have tried in the past to do such a task, and all of them have failed. Mu'Vorkan was sent back to Dark Astoria to keep an eye on Scirocco, though he waits for his moment where he can ascend to something greater, to become a face in a sea of faceless minions.

One of the Faceless Many


Mu'Vorkan had a problem, a conflict of interests. He was just one of many in the ranks of the Mu within Arachnos. He hoped that his connection to Scirocco would elevate him to the likes of Magus Mu'Drakhan. It wasn't fair that he, someone who had powerful Mu blood running through his veins, was cast to be another nameless face in an army.

Mu'Vorkan believed that he was friends with Scirocco, but he felt his pulse quicken when he heard Scirocco and Ice Mistral might be killed. Would that give him the chance to become higher in rank? He was already an extremely powerful Mu mystic, one of the best within the employ of Arachnos. If Scirocco was gone, perhaps he could become a new patron and earn the honor of showing his face.

That chance may still come, as Scirocco has refused to return to Grandville with Mu'Vorkan. Now, Mu'Vorkan must return to Grandville with his report of what happened in Dark Astoria.

This is a non-combat, personal story mission. In this mission, you will assume the role of your contact. This is a solo mission.

  • (Play Mu'Vorkan's Personal Story)

Mission Acceptance

Mu'Vorkan knew how to easily get back to Grandville. Arachnos had stolen several Nemesis mole machines and had one waiting to be used within the sewers of Dark Astoria.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Mu'Vorkan must return to Grandville and deliver his reports to Arbiter Daos.

Mission Objective(s)


Mu'Vorkan finally arrived at Grandville tower, the Arachnos drill machine having delivered him to an Arachnos flyer off the coast of Paragon City.

  • Speak with Arbiter Daos
    • Speak with Mu'Drakhan
    • Speak with Lord Recluse

Mu'Vorkan has entered into a dangerous deal. If he can kill Scirocco, Ice Mistral and Mu'Drakhan and find a suitable second in command, then he can become a new patron within the organization of Arachnos!


Mu'Vorkan. Tell me what happened in Dark Astoria. Where are Scirocco and Ice Mistral?

  • (Explain what happened in Dark Astoria.)

Hrm. Lord Recluse will not be pleased to hear that Scirocco went off on his own. However, this may still serve our interests. Ice Mistral is a valuable asset to the organization; if she were lost, we would be weakened, there is no question about that.

If Scirocco recovers her, then both of them will return stronger than ever. If he fails and we lose both of them, it could mean that we have a large power vacuum within Arachnos. Hrm...

I will have to think over what to do about this, Mu'Vorkan. Report to Magus Mu'Drakhan for now. He will decide what to do with you next.

  • Very well, Arbiter Daos.


Mu'Vorkan, you return from Dark Astoria. I have already heard of Scirocco and Ice Mistral being lost to us. It is to be expected; Scirocco does not have the same blood that you and I have flowing through us.

We may soon find the Mu united, Mu'Vorkan, if Scirocco does not return. I shall make sure I have the ear of Lord Recluse during this time.

Should Scirocco prove to be too weak to return, then I shall step forward in his place. You have been loyal to both Scirocco and myself, Mu'Vorkan, and I will not forget that.

  • What plans do you have for me, should you become a patron?

You will be part of my elite council of Mu, Mu'Vorkan.

You know as well as I do that there are still many divisions amongst us. We must be united under my direction, but I cannot do it alone. You, like myself, have seen the spirits, fought our ancient enemies, the Oranbegans. I have not forgotten your role in our research regarding Lilitu, who still remains trapped within our spirit gem.

Mu'Vorkan did not want to simply settle for being part of Mu'Drakhan's elite council. He wanted more, he wanted to be higher. The top rank in an elite council would still make him lesser than the patrons, than Mu'Drakhan. Mu'Vorkan wanted to have a face, to be unique amongst the crowd of Mu.

Perhaps, Mu'Vorkan thought, if he could get the ear of Lord Recluse first, he might be able to prove himself. He would have to hurry, however, and hope that Lord Recluse was both alone and in a charitable mood to not strike Mu'Vorkan down.

  • Very well, Mu'Drakhan. I must be going.


Hrm. A Mu. Why do you speak to me, Mu? This is highly irregular, though I must commend your bravery for coming here.

You are the one who was with Scirocco and Ice Mistral in Dark Astoria, were you not?

  • I was, Lord Recluse. I come here to make a request.

A request. Go on, Mu, but do not tempt my patience.

Mu'Vorkan begins to explain his plan to Lord Recluse. He goes into great detail about the events that happened in Dark Astoria, how Scirocco has gone off on his own, and how Character influenced events. Mu'Vorkan eventually proposes that he, out of all the Mu, should rise to power, should Scirocco fail.

You're a bold one, Mu'Vorkan. Most would stay where they have been assigned, but you have a burning desire to rise beyond your rank. I will make a bargain with you.

  • What is the bargain, my lord?

If Scirocco does not return, then you shall have your status raised to patronage if you can prove yourself better than Mu'Drakhan.

Should Scirocco make it back... then whichever one of you manages to bring me his head and the head of your competitor will gain patronage. You should know, however, that this means you will have to kill Ice Mistral.

If you can kill Scirocco, Ice Mistral, Mu'Drakhan, and find yourself a powerful second in command, then you will have proven yourself to me and to the other patrons, for now.

If you fail, of course, you will be killed by any one of those who you have chosen as your opponent; be aware, Mu'Vorkan, that you are not the first, nor will you be the last, to try this. Scirocco, Ice Mistral, and Mu'Drakhan have fought many who would seek their positions of power. You will either be a nameless face amongst those who have dared to rise above their rank, or the one who will succeed and take hold of true power.

  • I will succeed, my Lord Recluse, you will see!

File:Mission DA PersonalArc Complete.png Bound for Glory

You played through Mu'Vorkan's personal story, witnessing the event where his quest to become a patron of Arachnos began.