Belladonna Vetrano (Contact)

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This article is about the Incarnate contact. For the Primal Earth version, see Ghost Widow. For the Praetorian trainer, see Belladonna Vetrano.


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Belladonna Vetrano
Contact Small Belladonna Vetrano.jpg
Zone Night Ward
Level Range 50
Introduced By None, Belladonna Vetrano is an Unlockable Contact.
Introduces None
Enemy Groups V badge BlacKnight.png The Black Knights
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force
Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians
V badge NightStalker.png Spirit Stalkers
Badges Badge i23IncarnateArcComplete.png Imperial City's Savior
Badge i23PersonalArcComplete.png Embodiment of Law
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Belladonna Vetrano is a hero and villain contact in Night Ward. Her level range is 50. She is available by phone only.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Though Belladonna Vetrano will not offer missions to Praetorians directly, since all her missions take place in Night Ward her Story Arc and Personal Story are completable by Flashback using a Pillar of Ice and Flame in a Supergroup Base


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None



One of the deadliest covert agents in the world, Belladonna has proven herself a most capable spy and killer for the Resistance. Though her past is a well kept secret, Belladonna makes it clear that she has no love for Tyrant or his lackeys. Rumors abound that she was trained by Chimera, Tyrant's Praetor of Intelligence, and is widely considered the deadliest assassin in the world. Belladonna will one day put that title to the test.

Contact Unlocked


Belladonna Vetrano of the Praetorian Resistance wants to speak to you.

Belladonna Vetrano has sent you a message, asking that you help the resistance in their goal to take Imperial City from Praetor Sinclair.

This contact has now been added to the active tab of your Contact window.

Initial Contact

The following story arc takes place after the events of Dark Astoria and the Dilemma Diabolique trial.

Character, I'm glad you contacted me. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Belladonna Vetrano, assassin and lieutenant for the Resistance. I'm working with Desdemona and Aurora Borealis towards our final push against the Praetors. You see, the power is in the hands of the Resistance now.

Unfortunately, the Resistance has become somewhat... split, due to the revelation regarding Calvin Scott's insanity.

However, we can't let that get us down. We have the Praetors on the run. There is one last one that we need to deal with: Praetor Sinclair. Are you ready?

  • I'm ready, let's begin.


Sinclair will pay, Character. Mark my words.

Too Busy

Finish up your other tasks, Character. Then we'll talk.

Too Low Level

  • None

No More Missions

We've taken Imperial City, Character. You've done everything you can, for now. We'll meet again on the battlefield to take Cole down once and for all.

Story Arc

The Emperor's Sword (50 Incarnate)

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 5 Reward Merits.


Imperial City Photograph

Belladonna Vetrano sent you a digital photo that was taken of you fighting against the IDF in Imperial City. The photo was distributed throughout the Resistance and also put in a news article written by Robert Flores regarding the occupation of Imperial City. It reminds you of an experience you call...

The Emperor's Sword

Part One: Secret Police


The Resistance and Vanguard have managed to take part of Imperial City. We've pushed the forces of the IDF back, and even gained some support from several members of the PPD; most notably from MICIR, the Ministry of Information Criminal Investigation and Research.

As we speak, our forces have surrounded Praetor Sinclair's skyscraper. There's a small army of IDF inside, guarding, and probably destroying, all evidence that is within the building. Unfortunately, Sinclair's assistant, Tami Baker, is nowhere to be found.

We're currently at a stand off and can't risk a push inside. Our forces are too spread out throughout Imperial City.

  • So you're asking me to go in to shift the balance.

Exactly. Your presence there can help sway the battle. We need to take this foothold in Imperial City if we're going to push through and take Nova Praetoria.

We can get you to our staging ground. From there, you'll need to recover whatever evidence you can find within Sinclair's tower, then find Sinclair himself. Don't kill him, though. I want that honor for myself.

We'll speak again once the skyscraper is taken. Vetrano out.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Belladonna's line is silent.

Mission Objective(s)


The business atmosphere of Imperial City has been replaced by one of war. Gun fire rings out in the city streets and smoke rises from the skyscrapers.

  • Take Control of Sinclair's Skyscraper
    • 3 pieces of evidence to find.
    • Rescue Provost Marchand

Sinclair is gone, but you discovered what his next plot is; finding the sword, Excalibur!


V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force

Notable NPCs

  • War Walker (Imperial Defense Force Boss)


Hi, Character! I'm Jessica Flores, a reporter for the Resistance.

My brother, Robert, and I have been reporting all the crazy news that has been going on lately! First there was the BAF facility.... then before you know it, all of you are fighting in TPN and DESTROYING Tilman! Do you know how much of a RELIEF it is to be able to think your own thoughts?

Anyway, I won't keep going on, you've got a job to do in that skyscraper! Take down Sinclair, once and for all!

  • Leave


Hey! Character! You're one of those Incarnates, right? I'm Robert Flores, a reporter here in Praetoria and a member of the Resistance.

HEAR THAT EVERYONE? I'm in the RESISTANCE! Haha! It's a normal thing now!

Ahem... sorry, I got a little carried away. My sister and I are here reporting on the scene. It's amazing how many people have appeared to see Sinclair brought to justice! I can't wait to see you drag him out of that tower of his!

  • Just stay safe here, Roert.


Character, I've heard all about you. My name's Interrogator Kang, former member of the PPD. I never thought I would see the day when I was on the side of the Resistance. However, measures had to be taken once the truth about... well... everything was revealed.

We've got things covered out here, Character. It's up to you to get inside and take down Sinclair, once and for all.

  • I'll handle it.

Upon entering building

Icon clue generic.png
The Excalibur
You found a document detailing the existence of the sword, Excalibur. Sinclair's agents previously believed that there was no point in looking for the sword, as Emperor Cole had enough power as it was. However, recent events have caused Sinclair to open the case back up, stating that Excalibur must be found in order to help push back the 'chaos of Primal Earth'.
Icon clue generic.png
The Destined Wielder
You found a file that has information regarding a man who is destined to wield the sword, Excalibur. Sinclair states that a man named Pendragon may be the 'chosen' wielder of the sword. If he could be found, then perhaps he could be persuaded to wield the sword for Emperor Cole.
Icon clue generic.png
Black Swan
You were able to locate a dossier on Black Swan, one of Praetor Sinclair's aids. She has been kept out of the public light due to her shadowy nature. She has complete control over a 'shadow realm' and can also exert control over people or items who she is able to link to said realm.

Sinclair believes that Black Swan could be a useful tool in the search for Excalibur and controlling Pendragon. The only issue would be finding Pendragon's location.

Icon clue generic.png
Reviving Shadow Hunter
Provost Marchand told you what he discovered...

'Sinclair has gone mad. He has left with that witch, Black Swan, in order to revive Shadow Hunter! The 'man' was killed by Hamidon some time ago, but his spirit lingers in the Night Ward. Sinclair believes that Shadow Hunter can be used to track down both Pendragon and the sword, Excalibur.

This is insanity, Character. The once proud state of Praetoria has turned to chasing fairy tales in order to win. I'm... ashamed of it all. You must travel to Night Ward and stop Shadow Hunter from being revived. The reign of insane super-powered individuals must come to an end.

I will meet with the Resistance and see what I can do... there are still a few loose ends I wish to tie up.'


This is ridiculous, Character. Sinclair and Black Swan are chasing after some sort of magical sword? Does he really believe that an ancient legend will help save Tyrant in these final moments?

I don't believe in such things, but if Sinclair does, then it can only mean he's desperate. Excalibur may or may not exist, but if he and Black Swan revive Shadow Hunter and gain control over Pendragon... it could cause us problems.

Part Two: The Wild Hunt

Mission Briefing

I've contacted some people who have been to Night Ward. They say that if this ritual is going to be performed somewhere, it would be in the Howling Vale. There's enough magical residue in the area from the hospital and graveyard to pull something like this off.

There's no time to waste, Character. We have to stop Shadow Hunter from being revived.

  • I'll head straight to the Howling Vale.

Good luck. I'll be speaking with Marchand in the meantime. He's always been someone who was on the side of Praetoria, not Tyrant, but we can never be too sure. Marchand can be a valuable ally for us going forward, or a traitor waiting to make his move.

Find Shadow Hunter

Unnecessary Solicitation

Belladonna's line is silent.

Mission Objective(s)


You can see Shadow Hunter's packs roaming the Howling Vale, seeming to be more powerful than ever. You may be too late!

  • Find Shadow Hunter
    • 3 Huntmasters to defeat to find information on Shadow Hunter

Shadow Hunter has been revived, but you were able to find out where he went!


V badge NightStalker.png Spirit Stalkers

Notable NPCs

  • Huntmaster Aptu (Spirit Stalkers Boss)
  • Huntmaster Omi (Spirit Stalkers Boss)
  • Huntmaster Tor (Spirit Stalkers Boss)
Icon clue generic.png
Shadow Hunter's Prey
You defeated Shadow Hunter's allies and discovered that he was revived by Black Swan. After his revival, Shadow Hunter took off in the direction of the Midnighter Mansion in Night Ward, claiming that he could tell Pendragon was there!
Save Pendragon from Shadow Hunter

Unnecessary Solicitation

Belladonna's line is silent.

Mission Objective(s)


It looks like Sinclair has sent IDF forces into Night Ward to ensure that Pendragon is taken in!

  • Save Pendragon from Shadow Hunter
    • Defeat Commander Zahriah
    • 2 War Walker Nullifiers to destroy
    • 2 groups of Nightstalker to clear out within the mansion
    • Defeat Shadow Hunter

You've saved Pendragon and learned how to recover Excalibur!


V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force
V badge NightStalker.png Spirit Stalkers
Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians

Notable NPCs

  • War Walker Nullifiers (Imperial Defense Force Boss) x3
  • Commander Zahriah (Imperial Defense Force Boss)
  • Shadow Hunter (Praetorians Elite Boss)

After defeating both War Walkers


Shadow Hunter: The Midnighters couldn't stop me from getting to you, Pendragon. Tell me where the sword is.
Pendragon: Bedwyr and I have another idea, Shadow Hunter.
Pendragon: You tuck your tail between your legs and leave like the broken dog you are.
Shadow Hunter: Hah! Black Swan said I would enjoy this. I've been ordered not to kill you, but she didn't say anything about maiming!


Thanks for the help, Character. What are you here for?

Excalibur? Perfect! We'll make this journey together, then. The sword is supposed to be in a stone held by the Lady of the Lake. I've looked through the Midnighter's records and found that there is an amulet that can summon the Lady.

It's been broken up into four pieces and is guarded by The Black Knights.

If we're going to get to the sword before Sinclair and Black Swan, we'll have to get moving. Here's the location of the cave where they're guarding the item. I'll meet you there.

Once I have the sword, you can bet I'll be using it against Cole and his regime... they won't get away with everything that they've done.

  • I'll see you there.

Recover the Lost Amulet

Unnecessary Solicitation

Belladonna's line is silent.

Mission Objective(s)


You can hear Pendragon arguing with the Black Knights up ahead...

  • Recover the Lost Amulet
    • Gain entry into the caverns
    • Defeat the Cavern Guardians
    • 2 chests to search through for amulet pieces
    • Defeat Knight Mansten
    • Defeat Knight Halfried

You recovered the amulet that will summon the Lady of the Lake!


V badge BlacKnight.png The Black Knights

Notable NPCs

  • Knight Leader (Black Knights Boss)
  • Knight Mansten (Black Knights Boss)
  • Knight Halfried (Black Knights Boss)
Icon clue generic.png
Recovered Amulet
You recovered four pieces of the amulet from the Black Knights. As soon as you did so, the pieces snapped together instantly. You look at the amulet to see an image of a woman's hand holding a large sword. The image shifts before your eyes as you hear the sound of a woman singing a soft song in the distance. The woman's hand turns to stone and a background fades into the image, showing where exactly the Lady is; Night Ward!
Help Pendragon Claim Excalibur

Unnecessary Solicitation

Belladonna's line is silent.

Mission Objective(s)


You arrive at the site where Excalibur is. Pendragon is up ahead, looking for the sword.

  • Help Pendragon Claim Excalibur
    • Defeat the Nightstalker Pack Leader
    • Defeat Commander Siew
    • Defeat Nega-Pendragon

Pendragon has claimed the sword... but became corrupted by its power!


V badge NightStalker.png Spirit Stalkers
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force
V badge BlacKnight.png The Black Knights

Notable NPCs


Pendragon: The sword... Excalibur!
Pendragon: Finally... I shall claim my true heritage... I will have it all, everything will be fulfilled!
Pendragon: I claim you, Excalibur! The Black Knights and their rules be damned!

Black Swan: Oh, poor little Pendragon! Now, you are under my control...
Black Swan: Fate would be on my side, this day... Night Ward has corrupted Excalibur, sending it into the shadows... into MY realm.
Black Swan: Now, be a good boy and kill Character, while I deal with the Carnival of Light!


Character! Good, you're alright. There was a report that Black Swan and a group of IDF attacked Desdemona and the Carnival of Light. Luckily, Noble Savage and Aurora Borealis were there to drive them away. Do you know what might've caused this? What's happening with Excalibur?


So, the sword is real, but it took over Pendragon? Let me relay this information to Desdemona. I don't deal with this whole magic-stuff, but she should know what to do, since she's both Desdemona and Vanessa DeVore now.

What I can tell you is that we're mounting our final offensive in Imperial City. Sinclair has been sighted in the area, rallying the IDF and fighting everyone off. His presence can only mean he feels his goal of Excalibur has been achieved.

Finale: Imperial's Last Stand

Mission Briefing

Desdemona has sent back a message regarding the whole situation with Pendragon. She believes that Excalibur was corrupted because of how long it and this 'Lady' were in Night Ward, which is why Black Swan was able to use her powers of manipulation to control it. Black Swan didn't realize this until the Lady was revealed.

Now, we've got a situation on our hands because of Pendragon's presence. He and this weapon that we're calling the 'Shadowblade' are wiping out our forces left and right. Meanwhile, some guy named Transmuter just took the Four Gables from us. That neighborhood is on an island that can easily be fortified. This is all on top of Sinclair picking off the Resistance and Vanguard.

The situation is grim, Character. We need to make a push now, or else we're going to lose the battle for Imperial City.

  • I can handle it, but what about Pendragon?

I had a feeling you'd be able to handle the situation. Desdemona says that she knows of a ritual that might just be able to save Pendragon, but it's risky. If she can get close enough, she can try to pull the original Pendragon out of this 'Nega-Pendragon'.

The downside is that Cole will still have another ally in this Nega-Pendragon. The upside is that Pendragon will be free, both of the sword and of his vices. Or so Desdemona claims; all I care is that we'll gain another powerful ally in the fight against Cole.

Your first goal is going to be retaking Four Gables from Transmuter. After that, you'll need to meet with Luke Larson. He'll get you up to speed on where we are with the fight. I can tell you now, though, this is going to end when we take down Sinclair. Sinclair is going to be vicious, so I suggest you prepare yourself. I'll be there to fight him, but I may not be able to stop him.

I'll see you out in the field, Character.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Belladonna's line is silent.

Mission Objective(s)


You're greeted by Alec Parson and the reprogrammed IVy. You can see the IDF forces up ahead fortifying their position in the Four Gables.

  • Take Control of Imperial City
    • 3 War Walker Defenders to destroy
    • 4 IDF Commanders to defeat
    • Defeat Transmuter's forces
    • Speak with Luke Larson
    • Escort Desdemona to Pendragon
    • Defeat Praetor Sinclair

Imperial City has been taken by the Resistance, and Praetor Sinclair has retreated!


V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force
Badge villain praetorians.png Praetorians

Notable NPCs


No time for us to chit-chat, Character, though I wish we could! Vanguard is going to move in to help fortify the Four Gables. Desdemona just arrived at People's Park. Nega-Pendragon is temporarily disabled, thanks to the Carnival of Light. She needs you to get her through the IDF and to Pendragon to save him!

  • Alright, I'm ready to go.


Chimera: Vetrano.
Chimera: I should have known you could not resist one last attempt to kill me yourself.
Belladonna Vetrano: Is that all you have to say for yourself, Sinclair?! After everything you've done?!
Chimera: Your trivial words mean nothing to me. Look around you.

Belladonna Vetrano: Even after all of this, you still think you're better than all of us. I pity you, Sinclair.
Chimera: Pity. A poor emotion to show in the last moments of your life. Goodbye, Vetrano.


Completion of this mission awards the Imperial City's Savior badge.

File:Badge i23IncarnateArcComplete.png Imperial City's Savior

You helped the forces of Primal Earth take Imperial City from Praetor Sinclair.


Well, we did it, Character. As we speak, our forces are occupying Imperial City and setting up for the final attack on the Magisterium. Sinclair is still alive, but his pride and control has been shattered. Imperial City was his proudest accomplishment, and now it's gone.

Pendragon is almost a different person now, and it really gets me thinking about the whole Excalibur thing. That ritual of Desdemona, it cast out not only Nega-Pendragon, but also all of the negativity that was within him. He's almost like some sort of... knight now. Pendragon's obsession over the sword nearly destroyed him, but now, he's better than ever, even without the sword. He's sworn to help us now, saying he's 'honor bound'.

You and I, in the meantime, are done. We'll be calling on you soon to help in the final fight against Cole. He still has Sinclair, Black Swan, Shadow Hunter, and whatever remains of the IDF with him.

Without you, Character, we would've never taken Imperial City. Wherever Tyrant is right now, he's probably regretting every single thing he's done to get to this moment. At least, I can only hope so.

Personal Story


Emperor Cole's Personal Story

The Last Line of the Law


Emperor Marcus Cole walks the halls of the Magisterium after receiving news that Imperial City has been lost.

Sinclair's wild idea that Excalibur could change things turned out not to work, though Sinclair claims to have gained two allies in the final fight for Praetoria.

Emperor Cole's mind goes over how everything came to this. Praetor Duncan has not returned from Primal Earth, causing Cole to assume that she has defected to their side. Cole gets into an elevator and enters a special security code, allowing him to go to his own private room in the lab beneath the Magisterium...

  • (Play Emperor Cole's Personal Story)

Emperor Cole was going to view an item that was from another life, an item that was given to him by his deceased wife, Monica Cole. This would be the last moment of peace he would have before the final battle for Praetoria, for the ideal of law, would commence...

Unnecessary Solicitation

Emperor Cole prepared himself for the final battle against the forces of chaos...

Mission Objective(s)


Emperor Cole arrived at his private section beneath Cole tower...

  • Emperor Cole's Personal Story (Solo Mission)
    • Investigate Monica Cole's memento
    • Speak with Praetor Sinclair
    • Annihilate Lord Recluse and his forces

Emperor Cole has pushed back the forces of Arachnos!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Monica Cole's Memento.jpg
Monica Cole's Memento


Emperor Cole opened the locked box, revealing a small snow globe. It was several decades old. Inside of the snow globe was a picture of Emperor Cole, back in the 1920's, with Monica Richter. She had given him the snow globe as a present, back before he was a super, before the two were married, and before he murdered her brother, Stefan Richter.

Emperor Cole let out a heavy sigh as he looked at the picture, giving the snow globe a slight shake. He wondered what the Marcus Cole in that picture would think if he knew all of the hardships that he would endure in the years that would follow; what would the old Marcus Cole do if he was told the responsibility of the world, perhaps even the universe, rested on his shoulders?

  • (Shake the snow globe)

Emperor Cole watched the small flakes dance around the picture, falling to the bottom of the globe. He knew that Imperial City had been taken by the Primals. The civilian populace of Nova Praetoria fled when Tilman was destroyed.

Tilman... the thought of her twisted Emperor Cole's stomach. She was a necessity to keep Praetoria safe... but in the end she was controlled by her madness and pride, not by the desire to keep the people safe. Nearly all those who were powerful enough to keep Praetoria safe suffered from this... Berry, Keyes, White, even Sinclair, at times.

Emperor Cole let out a sigh, trying to figure out where it all went wrong...

  • (Continue)

Once upon a time, Emperor Cole believed that the world could be saved. The world could be rebuilt, if only the proper control were put on it. Praetoria once flourished, and now, his beloved city was crumbling before his very eyes. The people of Primal Earth, the dimension that he feared would destroy Praetoria, had succeeded. In his efforts to stop the Primals first, Cole had revived the anger of the Hamidon, the one opponent he could not overcome.

Was all of this wrong? Should Cole have sought to control the people, to save the people? Was it wrong to have the desire to bring order to both this world and the world of the Primals?

Cole shook his head, banishing the thoughts from his mind. Too many people believed in the ideal that he dreamed of, the ideal of a perfect, beautiful world, one where the people had no fear, one where those who held power protected those who did not. To give up now, to admit defeat to the Primals, would be casting away the work, the sacrifices of the thousands who gave their life, their love, and their families to Praetoria.

Cole only had one option left: to unleash his full fury, once and for all, and push back the forces of anarchy that were now at his doorstep.

  • (Leave)


Emperor Cole looked around to see what remained of his loyal followers. The only one whom he trusted amongst the group was Praetor Sinclair. So, Cole thought, it came down to this. He and Sinclair with the aid of a shadow version of a knight, a woman who controlled shadows and dressed like a harlot, and a beast. These people were the last line of defense for Praetoria.

Marcus, the situation is grim. They've taken Imperial City, as you know. I was able to hold them off as long as I could with the IDF forces, but their numbers continue to grow. My scouts were unable to find Praetor White or Berry for additional assistance.

We have reports of a large force marching onto the Magisterium as we speak.

  • Who leads them?

The one they call Lord Recluse. While Vanguard's forces were establishing a defensive perimeter around Imperial City, he pushed through to attack. It seems he wishes to kill you himself.

I've received some injuries after a fight with Character, but I'm fully ready to head back into battle, as are Black Swan, Shadow Hunter, and 'Nega' Pendragon.

It had been some time since Emperor Cole had truly unleashed his full might. He had avoided doing such within the confines of Praetoria out of fear of destroying the parts of the city. However... there was no one left of his loyal followers here. All that remained was the enemy. Cole could go out first, while he used his abilities to also empower those that remained with power from the Well.

  • You all stay and rest. I will handle this, alone.


Emperor Cole: Stefan Richter. The embodiment of chaos at the doorstep of law.
Lord Recluse: Chaos? Hardly. I'm here to put an end to this and to you, Cole. Not to mention taking your precious technology...

Emperor Cole: Impressive speech, Richter. Sadly, it is not as impressive as your army.
Emperor Cole: It is my duty to rid both worlds of your chaos. Your pathetic little armies will not stand in my way!

After defeating 10 Arachnos:

After defeating 25 Arachnos:

After defeating 50 Arachnos:

After defeating 100 Arachnos:

After defeating all Arachnos:


Completion of this mission awards the Embodiment of Law badge.

File:Badge i23PersonalArcComplete.png Embodiment of Law

You played through Emperor Cole's personal story and saw him fight against the entire army of Arachnos.